About Us

Omni View Consulting (M) Sdn Bhd is one of Malaysia’s established home-grown consulting firms. Our working partnership with multinationals, and small and medium enterprises across a wide spectrum of industries spanning the last 20 years, enabled us to hone and refine our human resource expertise in tandem with the changing business environment.

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Acquire Talent

Acquiring talent starts with matching them against specific job criteria that predicts success. We help organisations to identify the right talent for the role through a comprehensive assessment centric approach.

Develop Talent

Developing talent encompasses developing self, team and organisational competencies to equip potential leaders in the organisation to achieve business growth.

Engage Talent

Engaging talent starts at the individual level and traverses across the organisation. It is about creating an environment where every employee discovers, recognises and pursues their purpose in the organisation that promotes mutual engagement and discretionary effort.

Lead Talent

Leading talent develops the leadership bench strength through objective and robust assessment centre approach that identifies and grows leadership pipeline for organisations.

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