Discovering Passion & Engagement for Success in Work & Life

Achieve sustainable success in work & life through understanding paradoxes

Paradoxes of Success is about developing self-awareness of the paradoxes in ourselves. Understanding both our strengths and weaknesses is a necessary part of enhancing self-esteem and motivating change. The better you understand your paradoxes, the better you will be able to accept yourself as you are, and change those things you.

Managing paradoxes helps us find better balance, versatility and capability to excel in our lives and careers!


At the end of the workshop, participants will learn to:

  • Develop an understanding of your Paradoxes
  • Be more aware of your behaviour traits
  • Discover the passion and engagement in what you do to elevate your performance
  • Discover unintended consequences of your paradoxical imbalances
  • Overcome potential hindrances in achieving your goals
  • Develop actionable plans for your development towards success

Workshop Outline

  • Concept and Methodology: Paradox Theory
  • Your Paradoxes; an overview to your Interpersonal, Achievement and Leadership style
  • Identify your Paradoxical Strengths and its Benefits
  • Identify your Paradoxical Imbalances
  • Understanding the Unintended Consequences of these Imbalances
  • Developing your actionable plan towards achieving your goals

Delivery Methodology

Experiential Learning through Online Facilitation, Topical Discussions & Activities, Case Study Discussion.


1 day

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* This workshop is also available as an in-house workshop for clients.