Translating Development Gaps into impactful Individual Development Plan

Client Profile

How a large-size utilities company leveraged on development analytics in ensuring that it’s workforce is developed through actionable individual development plan that is personalised for each individual employee, both in the technical and managerial stream. At the same time identifying potential technical talents who can move into leadership roles.

Challenge At Hand

Due to the large-size company reach and recognising that a personalised development plan that is unique to each individual provides the most impactful development intervention, the requirements were to employ an approach and methodology that can assess both the technical and managerial expertise that covers a wide scope of functional areas, and to execute the development within a specific time span.

The Work We Did

We customised the functional job criteria requirements, and conducted personal development exploration with employees across the various divisions. The outcome of the exploration session is an actionable development plan for each employee that encompasses intervention that includes training and learning, on-the-job activities, coaching and mentoring assignments, cross functional or project teams opportunities, etc

Business Outcome

The methodology provides a standardised process of identification of development plans, and the personal session transferred the learning responsibility to the employee and their direct supervisors. This provided an avenue for their engagement and accountability for their own development. The heads of divisions were provided an overview of development analytics for their team, resulting in better engagement and recognition of each team members’ strengths and development areas.

Personal Profile Debrief

Explore personal behaviours that support job performance and opportunities for development.

Development Insights

Gain awareness and clarity on development opportunities that are unique to each individual.

Actionable Development Plans

Identify specific areas for development that enables behaviour change which potentially leads to better business performance.