Identifying Leadership Behaviours & Leadership Gaps

How a leading local property development company adopted behavioural analytics for its leadership team to prepare its leaders for future innovative business growth.

Client Profile

A Malaysian property development company that has been in operation for twenty-five years.

Challenge At Hand

The organisation was looking to identify the profile of its leaders in view of the ever changing business landscape and aspires to develop competent leaders to spearhead its vision for business growth and innovation.

The Work We Did

We conducted the Harrison Assessments to identify the role and leadership potential for more than sixty senior managers and C-level who are slated as future leaders of the organisation. Job profiles were customised and Harrison Assessments leadership competencies were employed for emerging and senior leaders to ascertain potential. The resultant overall leadership behavioural analytics insight dashboard gave top management indicators on the effectiveness of the leaders and information on their leaders’ strengths and leadership development gaps. The leaders were also taken through a team dynamics session to better understand how the group can work together in synergy to achieve business objectives.

Business Outcome

The leadership analytics provided a tangible view of the leadership strengths of the group that helped management with insights on their leaders, and how to engage more effectively with them. The leadership potential assessment provided insights on key leadership drivers and growth opportunities for the leaders.

Leadership Potential

Gain insights with leadership behavioural analytics and discover your future leaders’ potential including their strengths and leadership development gaps.

Team Dynamics

Assess your team to better understand behavioural traits that will enable a more cohesive and synergistic collaboration to improve collective performance.

Actionable Plans

Deep dive using the leadership analytics to create actionable plans to further strengthen competencies.
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