Getting Recruitment Right Through Performance Benchmarking – Making sure all the shades and colours are covered

Client Profile

One of the world’s leading industrial paint company with global offices in more than 30 countries

Challenge At Hand

An effective Sales force in B2B industrial products is key to the success of the organisation. The company wanted to identify and validate the traits that would predict success for the Sales Executive and Sales Manager roles. Once identified and validated, these traits would form the basis for selection and for further automating more of the hiring process in the future.

The Work We Did

We conducted a detailed study of 130 Sales Executives and 65 Sales Managers using the HA, where more than 175 traits were evaluated for each individual. This is a significantly larger number than the usual 10 to 20 traits used in other studies or approaches. We also used a range of suitability factors, rather than just personality factors. The outcomes from HA were analysed against past performance ratings using AI-based correlation analysis.

Business Outcome

The study identified 53 traits with a correlation of 0.65 with job success and performance for the Sales Executive position, and 55 traits with a correlation of 0.81 for the Sales Manager. This exceptionally high level of correlation meant that they could confidently move forward with automating the selection process using these selection criteria, generating high levels of cost reductions and improve cycle time.

Predict Success & Inspire Performance

Learn to apply Job Success Formula in a structured approach that will enable you to define and measure potential job success based on eligibility and suitability.


High accuracy on the correlation of traits to job success.


Automate selection process and reduce cost while improving hiring time.