This exploration workshop is designed to help anyone who wishes to understand their own behavioural preferences and gain self-awareness of the paradoxes in themselves. Participants will learn in this workshop that identifying strengths preferences and development areas are key to enhancing self-esteem and are enablers in motivating positive change.

By attending this workshop, participants will learn to manage themselves and others better, leverage on their strengths, and change those behaviours that may be a potential derailer to their success. Furthermore, not only will participants discover their potential but will be able to help others do so as well. In turn, this will lead to becoming more successful in their professional career journey, resulting in effective contribution to the organisation.

Workshop Objective

At the end of the workshop, you will be able to:

  • Understand their passion and engagement, and paradoxical strengths to enhance their performance
  • Develop self through gaining greater insights into their own behaviours and preferences
  • Identify paradoxical strengths that support and inspire their performance
  • Identify paradoxical imbalances and develop these to improve performance
  • Learn how to manage self and manage others through understanding of behaviours
  • Identify their own individual development plan towards developing to become a better manager

Workshop Outline

  • Exploring passion and engagement
  • Life Themes through Traits and Definitions Report
  • Understanding Paradox Theory
  • Exploring Paradoxical Strengths and Imbalances
  • Exploring Engagement and Retention Factors
  • Developing your Individual Development Plan


  • 1 Day

For clients who are using Harrison Assessments and are interested in the HA Exploration Workshop, please register.

* This workshop is also available as an in-house workshop for clients.