Competency Based development to identify specific development needs at organisational and individual level

Development is not a one-size-fits-all approach.
OVC Development Needs Assessment (DNA) approach employs competency assessment that identifies competency strengths as well as gaps for development.
By identifying behaviours that are critical for a competency, the assessment uncovers specific traits to be developed in order to strengthen the competency.

Enabling meaning development interventions

This provides organisations with a focus on key competency drivers, areas for development, understand why these gaps exist and what are the individual needs are that can enable impactful development strategies to be put in place. 

Aligning Development to Organisation Aspirations

Above all, the competency assessment can be customised to the specific core and leadership competencies of the organisation enabling development that aligns with the organisation aspirations.


Customised to organisation competencies thus aligning well with organisation vision.

Development Data

Online competency assessment provides instantaneous data that identifies competency strengths and gaps.

Personal Development Plan

Identifies key development at individual level with automated personal development plan that highlights areas of development and strategies to develop them.