Infusing the core competencies and values into the DNA of the organisation

How a mid-sized company is ensuring that the competencies and values that helped make it a major contender in the competitive property market is perpetuated within the existing workforce and future recruits’

Client Profile

The client is a mid-sized player in the very competitive real-estate market in Malaysia. They are known to be nimble and entrepreneurial and as a result have been profitable whilst growing their landbank.

Challenge At Hand

The company wanted to ‘automate’ their core competency model and use it in all phases of Talent Management. The immediate areas was to help them identify what are the characteristics and competencies that their top performers have that make them achieve extraordinary result.

The Work We Did

We studied the performance ratings of the high, mid and low performers, and performed a correlation analysis against a set of factors that were identified. The results were validated with the HR and Organisational Development teams, ensuring that the factors identified were truly at the ‘core of the company DNA’ - and represented the ‘X’ factor for success. These factors were then mapped against the core competencies, providing them with a robust and measurable behavioural competencies.

Business Outcome

The behavioural competencies along with the factors are now embedded in the core competency, and helped them to achieve the goal of ‘automating’ their core competency model. The newly enhanced model is used in selection, performance management, development and succession planning in the company. The rigourous approach has also helped position HR as more objective and data-driven.

Organisation’s Objectives

Build a core competency model with identified behavioural competencies of top performers that can be used in all phases of Talent Management.


Provides a qualitative measurement of competencies that would otherwise be subjective if determined through observation and review.

Save Time

Fast and objective way to measure and score any number of competencies where observation assessment methods may prove to be time-consuming, resource intensive and subjective.