Ensuring the Right Senior Leadership is in Place and Building Bench Strength

How a global player ensured its key regional HQ has the leadership team to grow the business and build capabilities.

Client Profile

One of the world’s leading healthcare product and integrated medical solutions provider established more than 170 years ago. Malaysia is the Asia Pacific HQ with over 7,000 employees, and with manufacturing, marketing, R & D, and technical and support functions.

Challenge At Hand

The organisation was looking to fill critical top positions, and provide the existing leadership team with continued development opportunities. The regional HQ is a key part of the organisation and houses one of the leading product groups as well as many of the support functions across the company.

The Work We Did

We conducted a series of assessments in addition to the Harrison Assessments, incorporating assessments based on established tools and approaches used by top business schools to guide the formulation of winning business strategies. The senior business leaders and consultants from OVC conducted the assessments and provided comprehensive development reports. Each individual participated in engaging discussions on development actions as part of the process.

Business Outcome

The engagement was completed in a relatively short period of time and inspired a high level of confidence due to the high face validity. The process was handled professionally to ensure confidentiality and objectivity. The development reports were detailed and were anchored in the actual capabilities required for the top roles which were well received by the participants.

Strengthen Bench Strength

Assess leadership behavioural competencies and explore development opportunities to strengthen the organisation’s bench strength.

Winning Strategies

Leverage on the Harrison Assessment to develop strategies to discover development opportunities.

Actionable Plans

Deep dive into the capabilities required for the leadership role based on the development reports and create actionable plans to further strengthen competencies.