🚀 Bridgestone integrates Harrison recruitment and development data! 🚀 Bridgestone HR Business Partners, Ashley Boyle and Sandra Lenthe, discuss having successfully integrated Harrison Assessments into their internal systems to more efficiently empower their hiring managers with deeper insights for better decision-making, and provide employees with valuable tools for their personal and professional growth. 🌟 Over time, the trust in Harrison has grown so much that hiring managers are now eagerly requesting Harrison data on their candidates. Even more exciting, team members are proactively asking to take the Harrison Assessment themselves after hearing great reviews from their colleagues. 🌱 A huge shoutout to everyone at Bridgestone for driving this transformative initiative! We are very proud to be part of your success. 👏 hashtag#HRInnovation hashtag#PredictiveRecruitment hashtag#EmployeeDevelopment hashtag#TalentManagement hashtag#HarrisonAssessments hashtag#Bridgestone